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Depending on where you live, Spring means something different to people all over the globe. But no matter what your climate or geographic region, it's generally agreed on that it's a season for new birth and fresh air... or, well how fresh exactly is it? Mosquito repellents, BBQ smoke and pollen mixed with pollution, all add to breathing difficulties... even for your pet.

Over at http://www.petside.com
 we've got a unique take on Earth Week and celebrating Spring with your pet. There are some happy thoughts that come to mind, like bunnies and robin's eggs... there's nothing my Sheltie loves more than sniffing around in a field of daffodils. Check out some pet-friendly ideas for enjoying spring with your pet here.

If you're considering a romp through a state park or forest, remember the leash is your friend -- check local laws for maximizing safety for you and your pet. I had the chance to test a cool leash from the Planet Dog
 where they go out of their way to manufacture earth-friendly products.

But remember, there are also hidden dangers lurking out there at this time of year. This earth-friendly product from EcoSMART caught my attention. I'm happy to report the child and pet-friendly flying insect killer formula kills and controls flies, gnats, mosquitoes, moths, wasps... all by using natural repellent oils and essences.

While we humans are busy scratching our eyes from allergies, fleas are the main itch contender for your pets, and quite a few manufacturers have introduced non-toxic flea control. You can do your own part for Earth Week by introducing your pet to your vacuum cleaner. It contains no chemicals, and works like a charm to fend off those itchy pests. I can't say my Sheltie, Maxi, loves the experience, but if you suction as close to the skin as possible, it reduces the stress for your animal. Sometimes I think I can see him laughing from the tickles!

Unlike the lice recently running rampant around my daughter's school, fleas LOVE dirt. So do your pets a favor by using your preferred chemical-free shampoo and give them an extra wash while drowning a few fleas at the same time.

I still can't say enough about the difference in organic and natural pet foods. If you don't want to switch from your favorite brand, at least check the labels and look for those with less filler ingredients. Trust me, what goes in does come out, and I'm pleased to report that less poop = more nutrients... it's a win-win situation!

Leaving you with our http://www.petside.com checklist of pet poisens in your home.


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