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Thriving to teach people to live, not only green, but a colorful life.

Maria is an Eco-Broker. (Selling with the Aloha Spirit)
Maria is an ECO-BROKER in California, and has been educating people for years on the subject.  She is on a mission to help keep the beaches clean for our marine life, and help you live in a healthier home. Maria can help you green your home and show you how to accent your green features for selling your home, as well as help you find a green home to purchase.  If you are interested in buying in Hawaii, California or Nevada, Maria can help you.

 Maria is a Multi-Million Dollar Producer. She was the Founder & Co-Owner of a successful real estate company called, Your Realty & Mortgage, specializing in Green Homes. Maria is also the Founder & Owner of CasaNova Realty Inc.

Maria works very closely with clients in the entertainment & sports industry with extremely high net worths, as well as trusts, banks and
other legal entities. Maria has always maintained a high level of integrity and discretion, giving her utmost personal attention to all of her clients. Maria sells with grace and treats her clients like her family. Creating relations, having some kind of commonalities with every type of client that Maria comes in contact with is inevitable. And, once you read her bio, you will understand, and agree.

Maria is Passionate about the environment! She is educated and certified in all aspects of this most important subject. Maria promotes energy-efficient features in homes and buildings, which highlight favorable building orientation, landscaping and energy efficient attributes in her business. 
Maria teaches students how to pass the Real Estate State Exam and mentors them through the process of learning how to become professional Real Estate Associates. She teaches ethics first and foremost, followed by legal Real Estate issues. 

GENEALOGY: Maria's roots consist of Teachers, The Entertainment Industry & The Sports Industry. Maria was raised in the Entertainment Industry, starting with her Grandmother (1) who was one of the 1st dancers on Vaudeville. Her Grandmother (2) was a model for the Ford Company.  Maria's Grandfather's owned & operated Theaters & serviced Communications. Maria's Mother sings opera & teaches vocal, & is a Sports Fanatic. Maria's Father was a Sports Fanatic & Mathematician, baseball announcer, basketball coach. Maria's Husband is a Musician & Sports Fanatic. Maria's Father-in-law was also a Musician & is a Sports Fanatic. Maria's Brother (1) is a casting director, operates Actor Slates & teaches acting. Also Sports Fanatic. Maria's Brother (2) In the F&B industry, teaches & Sports Fanatic. Maria's Son in Real estate/Mortgage & Entertainment Industry, also Sports Fanatic. Maria's Daughter is a Cosmetologist, specializing in Color Layer Techniques, stage/wedding make-up and extensions.  Also, a Sports Fanatic.

EXPERIENCE: Maria has been engaged in the Real Estate industry since 1980. She has owned and operated Restaurants/catering companies. Maria was the 1st female to be a Food & Beverage Manager of all of Aztar Casinos. Maria was the Director of Religious Education.  She worked on movie productions and feature films all over the States. Maria was also a TV news reporter for KPVM in Nevada, and had a sports show, which she hosted. Maria is a videojournalist, has done numerous commercials, voice overs, movies & craft services. Maria writes articles for different periodicals, teaches Real Estate, mentors & recruits agents, and also trains other companies to do the same. Maria conducts top seminars & motivation speeches throughout the region. Maria loves to teach women, one on one how to invest in Real Estate and become financially independent. 
What this all means to you is; Maria is very well versed, Maria is a Leader, and can handle any type of affair.  She is world traveled, (grew up in a Military family traveling every 3-4 years, and lived all over the states and Europe as well). Maria appreciates all ethnicity's and has been commended numerous times for her generosity and her great achievements. Maria gives diligently to charities and has been feeding the poor, since she can remember, following in her parents footsteps. Maria excels in selling oceanfront estates, green homes, business real estate, probate sales, short sales and homes that have been on the market for a long period of time. Maria is a Master problem solver! Her marketing plan is second to none, her pro-active networking and INTERNET presence help in all aspects of her listings and sales as well. Maria is techno-savvy and stays up to date with ALL changes in the business. Maria is very well liked and respected in the real estate arena among her peers.

EDUCATION: Broker Management, Commercial Real Estate, Legal Real Estate, Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Escrow, Real Estate Property Management, Real Estate Law/National and International, Real Estate Finance, California Legal Real Estate, Nevada Legal Real Estate, Business Insurance Law, Commercial Real Estate Law,  Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Probate, Real Estate Ethics, Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Contracts and disclosures, Real Estate Fair Housing, Real Estate Agency, Real Estate Trust Funds, Eco-Broker Certified, Hobbs & Herder Marketing, Mike Ferry Superstar and Workshop,Top Gun Academy.

HOBBIES: Studying the ocean and the marine lifeStaying up to date w/the market and current events, Organic gardening, oil painting, yoga, hapkido, photography, linguist, poetry, taking business to a new level, writing her "ask Maria" article and much more informative readings for her clients, reading, investing, trying new things, meeting new people, teaching, sports, cooking, alternative healing, helping people learn to live, not only green, but a colorful life



PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: National Association of Realtors, California Department of Realtors, Southland Regional Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, Womens Council of Realtors, and soon to be a Hawaiian and Nevadan Associate Broker.Greater Valley Association of Realtors, Santa Barbara Association of Realtors, South East Kern Board of Realtors, Eco-Brokers, Association of Energy & Environmental Issues, Real Estate Professionals, Realty Marketing Services, NYM Virtual Tours, AM1220 KHTS Radio, Auggie Productions, CMA Advisory Group, League of Real Estate Professionals, SourceNet Group. Too many Green affiliates to mention!

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